Dreams really do come true – and others happen by accident. I have always had a passion for music. At an early age, I was given my first album, The Eagles `Greatest Hits,’ as a birthday present. And shortly there after, I purchased my first record, – Pink Floyd’s `The Wall’. From that point on, my fate was sealed.

My foray into the musical realms began while attending William Howard Taft high school, in the San Fernando Valley. I started experimenting with different songs and the ‘art of the remix.’ I learned my way around a production studio, creating my own remixes on tracks such as Bruce Spingsteen’s “Born In The USA”, Herbie Hancock’s “Rocket” and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” to name a few.

As an undergraduate at the University Of California Santa Barbara, I quickly found a home, putting my passions to work at the campus radio station, KCSB-FM. It was there that I got my first taste of what it was like to program. Needless to say, the radio bug had bitten me. I continued my radio career by creating an internship position at 99.9 KTYD, Santa Barbara’s perennial rock station. Ignoring common sense and acting completely on my passions, I decided to follow my dream by pursuing a full-time career in the music industry.

Upon graduation, I was named Assistant Music Director of the station. As the station grew in ratings, so did my involvement. I was ultimately rewarded with the title of Music Director. When the station was sold to new owners, I moved back to the City of Angels in order further my education in radio.

Since then, I have enjoyed several key positions within the industry including; 20+ years as a radio personality at various terrestrial and internet stations throughout Southern California, as the associate producer of a nationally syndicated morning program and as Director of Radio for a nationally distributed music industry publication. It was within this opportunity, and quite by accident, that I found to be most rewarding. By combining my passion for music with the perspective of being a fan, I started my journalist endeavors. I have published articles in Radio & Records, The Album Network, Virtually Alternative, Totally Adult, Aggro-Active, Network 40/Country Network and Venice Magazine plus content providers Free Gotham, Fazer, Lithium and knac.com. Some of my most memorable conversations include; Metallica, INXS, Dave Matthews, one of Sammy Hagar’s first post-Van Halen interviews as well as multiple dialogues with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and 311 on their way to becoming multi-platinum recording artists.

Ultimately, I found that what I love most about music is the same thing I love most about freelance writing – both represent constant opportunity – and so, after leaving the friendly confines of the studio, Vogelism was born!

Much like those who inspired me to follow this path, I have always enjoyed exposing new emerging music talent, as well as shed some insight into today’s biggest musical artists. I also like putting a spotlight on those influencers and tastemakers in the music world. It is those efforts that you will find within the Vogelism Blog as well as in the exclusive content found at www.vogelism.com.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about the Vogelism site. ^m^

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