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  1. Joe Benson says:

    I’ve been deeply involved in music since The Beatles debuted, on the air continuously since 1968, have interviewed most every major rock artist for my OFF THE RECORD program and have written six “Uncle Joe’s Record Guides” detailing the history of Rock & Roll. It’s an understatement to say my life has been consumed with music and communication. And I can tell you that just as the best, most long lasting music is that which comes from the heart, so too the very best writing. The best artists always have a special spark, a God-given gift to transcend beyond the rest. Michael Vogel is one of those rare creatures who is not only driven by the music, but can convey his passion through the written word. It certainly takes unique communicative skills to delve into a musician’s mind, and a special gift to convey those thoughts into the printed word for the rest of us to understand. Vogelisms indeed – he’s got it!

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