“Michael came to FreeGotham.com with a non-stop passion to succeed. His years of experience in the music industry made it a very simple decision to have Michael get on board as an Editor of the site. Being able to re-visit all of his interviews with artists like Metallica and Kenny Wayne Shepherd has taken Free Gotham to an entirely new level. His passion and skills for music and writing are uncanny. Free Gotham is lucky to have him on the team!”

–          Chuck Armstrong/Managing Editor and Creator – Free Gotham 


I’ve been deeply involved in music since The Beatles debuted, on the air continuously since 1968, have interviewed most every major rock artist for my OFF THE RECORD program and have written six “Uncle Joe’s Record Guides” detailing the history of Rock & Roll. It’s an understatement to say my life has been consumed with music and communication. And I can tell you that just as the best, most long lasting music is that which comes from the heart, so too the very best writing. The best artists always have a special spark, a God-given gift to transcend beyond the rest. Michael Vogel is one of those rare creatures who is not only driven by the music, but can convey his passion through the written word. It certainly takes unique communicative skills to delve into a musician’s mind, and a special gift to convey those thoughts into the printed word for the rest of us to understand. Vogelisms indeed – he’s got it!”

–         Uncle  Joe Benson/Race Car driver, author, Southern California radio personality, Host of nationally syndicated  ‘Off The Record’ 


“I had the pleasure of working on several special feature assignments with Michael while we both were at Radio & Records. The thing I admired most about Michael’s work was his dedication and enthusiasm to his prep work before he tackled an interview or wrote about a particular topic. In addition to being well-known in the industry as a top-notch music/radio industry writer, Michael always takes pride in being on-time with writing assignments, which made me the lucky one to have had such a professional on the team.”

–          Mike Boyle/ Managing Editor and Webmaster Editor – Food Sciences

  Corporation, DiabetesCare.net

* former Senior Editor (News, Rock Editor) – Radio & Records


There is no shortage of music bloggers, experts, aficionados, and those who have been there and done that with artists.  However — none of them bring what Michael Vogel brings — and that’s not only a deep passion for music, but a unique, clear and concise writing style. I’ve known Michael for over 20 years and I have tremendous respect for him as a professional and a friend.  Michael Vogel is a living, breathing entity with music at his core and its all there for your enjoyment at  www.vogelism.com.”

–         Joel Denver/President and Publisher – All Access Music Group 


“I am so very happy that Michael finally has gotten Vogelism off the ground and onto the net, where lucky readers can enjoy his informative writing and knowledgeable views on music.  Working with Michael and getting to know him on a personal level has been an extreme pleasure, so it is my utmost wish that this new venture yields him the enjoyment and rewards he so rightly deserves.”

–          Laurie Lonsdale/ Editor-in-Chief – Lithium Magazine


“Michael is one of the most thorough and diligent people that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of his subject matter and attention to proper research is unbeatable, and he is driven by a passion for excellence. I would not hesitate to recommend him!”

–          Cyndee Maxwell/ CEO – Maxwell Media

* former Associate Publisher/Editorial Director – Radio & Records 


“I have known Michael Vogel for 23 years now.  He first came into my life as my Intern when I was the Program Director at one of America’s Premiere Music Stations, KTYD/FM in Santa Barbara.  I brought him on because I recognized his innate (sometimes inane…) love for music and how it resonates with the masses.  From that day on he never let me down.  Michael’s career from that point has skyrocketed in the music industry and led him to love and analyze the music scene like no one I have ever known.  Mike has hung with, and interviewed, the “Best and the Brightest” musicians and bands of our generation.  Read “Vogelism,” soak up what Mike has to say about the tunes and be sure to never stop listening to the music.  You will be so glad you did!”

–          Roger Mayer/CEO – Mayer Communications


“You’ll be hard pressed to find a more passionate and knowledgeable fan of music than Michael Vogel.  Couple that with his wealth of experience and his clear, precise and interesting writing style and you’ll know you’ve found the right person for whatever your music-related writing needs may be.  Michael has done, and can do it all!”

–          Adrian Moreira/Senior Vice President – RCA/Jive Label Group  


“You won’t find anyone with more passion for rock & roll or a stronger desire to wax eloquent about the music he loves than Michael Vogel. He’s already taken on some of the best that rock has to offer, and he has always been up to the task. Mike’s a great guy and the hardest-working guy in this hard-working town.”

–          Jim Nelson/Publisher – A Taste Of Triple A

* former Managing Editor – Album Network 


“We have been very fortunate to have received so many great reviews of our new album “Green Blimp.” One would think that an Artist would just be happy to get a favorable write up in the Press. However, so many writers prove quickly their lack of real knowledge about the Artist. Some simply spout off cliche phrases and simply telegraph the same slant as all the other reviewers at the time. It is actually a real pleasure when a writer like Michael demonstrates that there is a craft to an honest and educated critique. A review that is not 100% favorable to the Artist but is well written and from the heart is a breath of fresh air and too often a rarity.”

         Dwight Twilley/Songwriter & Guitarist 


“I’ve been a huge fan of Michael’s writing for some time, as his unique style always leaves me wanting more! His knack for cutting through the b.s. and getting straight to the meat is phenomenal…not to mention the fact that his writing is sexy and makes you want to read his articles all the way until the last word.  Then you end up licking the plate afterwards!”

–          Tommy Wood/Songwriter & Guitarist – Sweet Psychosis


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