By all accounts, 2008 was a good year for The Airborne Toxic Event. They have become the darlings of Los Angeles press and radio and fixtures on the Southern California music scene. Their songs feature wide, sweeping hooks, garnering comparisons to Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire as well as the Clash and U2. The acts self-titled debut album—the band’s name is from the postmodern novel “White Noise” by Don DeLillo—is co-produced by Pete Min (Longwave, Ivy).

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With much due respect and influence to Spinal Tap, here’s a list of some of the hottest new metal bands that might break through to the masses:

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After a brief hiatus and a one-off project, Mötley Crüe have returned with their original lineup and are ready to defy the odds. The LA natives have not only packed S.R.O. crowds into small clubs across the country for live listening parties of their new album, but are also receiving weekly sales orders for Generation Swine to the tune of over 120,000 copies in the first two weeks. From his home in Malibu, California, bassist Nikki Sixx spoke candidly about their live listening parties, the return of Vince Neil, a battle royal with Mancow, their fans and the new album.

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Various Rock Format Song Reviews - Mötley Crüe, Scorpions

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Is there an archetypal locale in this great country of ours from which hardcore rock bands are formed? First responses might be Los Angeles, New York, Detroit or maybe even Washington D.C. But wherever this mecca of aggressive rock may lie, the humble and quaint surroundings of San Francisco, most probably don’t pop up very often in hard-edged comparisons. After all, the bay area is the home of the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Journey to name a few. Although most of the members are involved in various side projects, a team sense of pride is deeply rooted within the band. It is a fierce energy that has bonded these men together for a career that has spanned fifteen years and seven albums to date. But this is not a happy band. The members of Faith No More feel they have not fully realized their potential nor have they received the attention they deserve.

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KCRW is unique in several ways. The most obvious being that we have a good balance of music, news and public affairs. We’re not a music station throughout the day. Between daylight hours, we have three hours of music of music, that’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with me. The rest of the daytime hours are news and public affairs. We don’t return to music again until 8pm, with Jason Bentley and Metropolis followed by Tricia Halloran and Brave New World. Essentially, the weeknight and weekend hours are devoted mostly to Alternative Music at KCRW. But that’s what makes us very unique. For a lot of people, KCRW is a music station. But when you look at it, we really don’t have a lot of airtime devoted expressly to music, very little of which is spent during daytime hours. That’s sort of a hurdle or handicap for us within the music business. But, I think it’s this balance and combination of all those different elements that make KCRW unique and special. You might be hearing news about events in Bosnia at one minute and then a garage band from Boston the next.

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