In spite of all their success as a touring band and at Adult Rock Radio, Widespread Panic has been able to maintain a very down-to-earth philosophy: emphasizing heavy rhythms with often inspiring musicianship. Listening to their music, one can’t help but be swept into a musical sanctuary. “Our songs are like musical getaways. They provide a path for the music to take off by itself,” is how guitarist and vocalist John “J.B.” Bell describes it. Renowned for their intense live shows before S.R.O. crowds across the country, as well as a back catalog of albums that continue to sell well, Widespread Panic has earned the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike. Their newest offering, Bombs & Butterflies, captures the raw energy that has helped propel them into being one of America’s most compelling live bands. “The studio is very different from a live show. We’re still trying to capture a sense of power” adds J.B., “but it’s more like a polished poem instead of seeing somebody ranting and raving on the street.”

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