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By: Michael D. Vogel

©  1994. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved.

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The Network 40/Country Network  1994


Brett James

Song: “Female Bonding”

Label: Career 

What You Should Know: Tim Dubois’ new ‘favorite’ just showcased last week in Nashville to a remarkable ovation. Already getting a tremendous response from radio across the country, “it’s the type of song to attract audiences 8-80, both female and male, contemporary and traditional,” says KASE/Austin, TX MD Steve Gary. Written by Brett and produced by Mike Clute and Steve Bogard, “Female Bonding” is an obvious smash debut single from his self-titled CD. ^m^

John Berry

Song: “I Think About It All The Time”

Label: Capitol 

What You Should Know: Network 40’s Nashville office wall is adorned with a #1 plaque from John last single, “Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye.” Here’s one to keep it company. It’s another strong effort from a guy who seems to have the hit formula down pat for terrific radio reaction records. This record is already exploding with 109 adds out-of-the-box, including KUPL, WWKA, KSAN, WBCS, KZLA and WAMZ to name a few. ^m^

4 Runner

Song: “A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive”

Label: Polydor 

What You Should Know: The second single from this dynamic group is off and running. Not only does “Heart” showcase this quartet’s excellent harmonies, but the unique lyrics of a heartbreak story mixed with smooth production scream “Smash!” This one’s already getting in gear via Hot Picks by the likes of WOW, KZLA, WFMB, WAMZ, WAVC and WIOV. ^m^

Wade Hayes

Song: “Don’t Stop”

Label: Columbia 

What You Should Know: This song just sounds like summer. An uptempo and melodic hit with a very catchy hook, Wade cranks out another infectious smash. Living up to his expectations, Hayes delivers an accessible tune that will work around the clock. Spend some time with this one! ^m^

Woody Lee

Song: “I Like The Sound Of That”

Label: Atlantic 

What You Should Know: A nice follow-up to his debut release ‘Get Over It,’ this classic love song is highlighted by romantic lyrics and supported by a mid-tempo groove. Very polished and smooth, this track is an easy choice for airplay. With an exceptionally hummable melody, “I Like The Sound Of That” has all the addictive qualities that will keep it popping into your head time and time again. ^m^


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