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By: Michael D. Vogel

© 1994. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved. 

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The Network 40/Country Network 1994



Song: “She Ain’t Your Ordinary Girl”

Label: RCA 

What You Should Know: There’s no doubt about the strength of this captivating and electric track. The sound of the 80’s is in sync and totally in the groove. Meshing vicious guitar licks with intoxicatingly powerful vocals will appeal to a multi-demo following. With over 4,200 spins in just its second week, what promises to be an unordinary album will be released this September. ^m^

Jeff Foxworthy

Song: “Party All Night”

Label: Warner Bros. 

What You Should Know: Some music is political, some music makes social commentaries…and some music is just plain fun. Hot on the heels of co-hosting the ACM’s, as well as selling a million-plus albums, Jeff serves up another fun loving tune. He teams up with Little Texas and new Warner Bros./Reprise artist (and this song’s author) Scott Rouse, who does a Tractors-meet-Garth Brooks backing track. Come join the party! ^m^

Aaron Neville

Song: “For The Good Times”

Label: A&M 

What You Should Know: Standing apart from the rest with a hypnotic beat, clever lyrics and a lush, soulful voice, this is a fresh remake of Ray Price’s original ‘70’s hit. Straight from the ‘Grand Tour’, Aaron is a multi-format star who delivers a diverse project, blending Country and Soul into a contemporary roots-rural sound. With a strong, crystalline yet emotional voice, Neville showcases songs that explore hope for the future. Live the bohemian lifestyle and add this one for “The Good Times.” ^m^

Carlene Carter

Song: “Love Like This”

Label: Giant 

What You Should Know: This song should help cure the blues that come with traffic jams, smog alerts and the persistent worries of global peace. Carlene displays her tough, sassy, yet in-control attitude, as well as a powerful set of pipes. This musical mixture of contemporary influences is brimming with talent and spirit. Carlene’s been something of a Country (radio) secret for far too long. ^m^

Clint Black

Song: “One Emotion”

Label: RCA 

What You Should Know: A cool vocal track highlighted by slick harmonies, Clint once again captures the realities of life through his own personal interpretation. Clint’s been on an amazing streak since Joe Galante got back in town. Summer has arrived and Clint is hot as a firecracker. ^m^


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