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By: Michael D. Vogel

© 1994. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved. 

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The Network 40/Country Network 1994


Kenny Chesney

Song: “All I Need To Know”

Label: BNA 

What You Should Know: One of the leading lights in Nashville’s new talent boom, Chesney’s title track will make listeners stand up and take notice. This mid-tempo ballad could be the “secret” smash of the summer. Kenny has blossomed into a bonafide-hit artist and this release will firmly plant him as one of the elite talents in Country music. ^m^

Stacy Dean Campbell

Song: “Honey I Do”

Label: Columbia 

What You Should Know: This sounds like a cross between Rodney Crowell and Marty Stuart. The harmony work, diverse playing and sterling arrangement help drive this love song. Highlighting his own songwriting abilities, “Honey I Do” nicely balances blazing lyrics and ballad-esque melodies. ^m^

Martina McBride

Song: “Safe In The Arms Of Love”

Label: RCA 

What You Should Know: Martina’s soft musical stylings are highlighted on this powerful and emotional work from her forthcoming CD, Wild Angels. Produced by McBride, Paul Worley and Ed Seay, this track has all sex appeal, poise and talent that typify Martina’s abilities. Plat it “safe” and add this one before your listeners revolt. ^m^

Tracy Lawrence

Song: “If The World Had A Front Porch”

Label: Atlantic 

What You Should Know: Tracy remains adventurous with his music, creating songs that push the envelope. This song is about small-town America during a more traditional, comfortable and sentimental time. A song of introspection, Lawrence hits a home run with this bluesy tune that highlights his broad range of musical influences in both his singing and songwriting. This one will sound right in any music mix. ^m^

Collin Raye

Song: “One Boy, One Girl”

Label: Epic 

What You Should Know: A remarkable musical excursion that features terrific songwriting and intense guitar stylings and harmonies. This one hits the sweet spot immediately. A solid hit record straight out of the box, Colin always does nicely with the ladies too. ^m^

Kate Wallace

Song: “Dancin’ On The Edge Of A Heartache”

Label: Honest Entertainment 

What You Should Know: This is one incredibly strong song from Kate’s debut. With her stunning voice, Kate’s bound to be an overnight success. This track sounds better with each listen. Gentle and female-oriented, it will feel right on the air in any part of the music mix. ^m^


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