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By: Michael D. Vogel

© March 7, 1997. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved. 

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The Album Network magazine – March 7, 1997



Song: “Sign Of The Times”

From The Release: Hear In The Now Frontier 

Label: EMI 

Members: Geoff Tate – Vocals; Chris DeGarmo – Guitar; Vocals & Keys; Michael Wilton – Guitar; Eddie Jackson – Bass; Scott Rockenfield – Drums

Producer: Peter Collins

Origin: Seattle, WA.


What You Should Know: Building on the momentum of their last three albums, Operation: Mindcrime, Empire and Promised Land, Queensrÿche began writing material for Hear In The Now Frontier while out on the road. The band was eager and ready to record back in May of ’96, but decided to hold off until the talents of producer Peter Collins (Operation: Mindcrime and Empire) could be employed. Also joining the band to record and mix was Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, The Wallflowers). Ultimately, Queensrÿche started recording last October, splitting their time between Nashville’s 16th Avenue Sound and Seattle’s Studio Litho (owned by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard). With Lyrics by Tate and DeGarmo, “Sign Of The Times” is both a personal story and a social commentary. This track can be easily labeled as a song for the 90’s, with a plea for people to broaden their personal perspectives and make a conscious effort to resolve some of the chaos that revolves around our world. ^m^ 

Hair Of The Dog

Song: “Sweet Lady Vegas”

From The Release: Hair Of The Dog 

Label: S.E.G. 

Members: Ryan Cook – Vocals & Guitar; John Sepetys – Guitar & Vocals; Brian “Boots” Saputo – Bass & Vocals; Johnny “Thunder” Evans – Drums, Percussion & Vocals

Producer: Hair Of The Dog, Matt Gruber & Jim Albert

Origin: Los Angeles, CA. via Topeka, KS., El Paso, TX., and Detroit, MI.

What You Should Know: Brought together by songwriter/producer extraordinaire Desmond Child, Hair Of The Dog are set to unveil their first full-length project. A well-crafted blend of solid rock and impressive musicianship, Hair Of The Dog play good clean quality rock that, at times, reflects the influences of Van Halen, KISS and Ted Nugent. The buzz started with “Cadillac Jack” (on Album Network’s Tune-Up #154), which received airplay at KLOS/Los Angeles, CA. and KSHE/St. Louis. The first track from their self-titled debut delivers loud screaming guitars and a solid vocal delivery, making “Sweet Lady Vegas” a smoking rock track. ^m^

Our Lady Peace

Song: “Superman’s Dead”

From The Release: Clumsy 

Label: Columbia 

Members: Raine Maida – Vocals; Mike Turner – Guitar; Duncan Coutts – Bass & Keys; Jeremy Taggart – Drums

Producer: Arnold Lanni

Origin: Toronto, Canada

Website: &

What You Should Know: Coming off the critically acclaimed Canadian multi-platinum album Naveed, which spawned the Rock and Alternative hit “Starseed,” Our Lady Peace is set to release their second full-length album, and debut for Columbia. Led by singer Raine Maida, Our Lady Peace uses airy keyboards and guitars to paint a celestial vision with sharp and steady percussion in a blend of sonic poetry. Reflecting on a time of innocence lost, the lead single “Superman’s Dead” showcases Maida’s vocal style over soaring guitar riffs and a pulsating drum attack that gives the song its swing.

“Superman’s Dead” is already on several stations, including KSJO/San Jose, CA., WRCX/Chicago, IL., WAAF/Boston, MA., WEDG/Buffalo, NY. and CIMX/Detroit, MI. Our Lady Peace’s release of Clumsy ensures that Canadian positive pop rock will continue to be a force in the varied formats of Rock and Alternative Radio!  ^m^

Type O Negative

Song: “In Praise Of Bacchus”

From The Release: October Rust 

Label: Roadrunner 

Members: Peter Steele – Vocals & Bass; Kenny Hickey – Guitar; Johnny Kelly – Drums; Josh Silver – Keys

Producer: Josh Silver & Peter Steele

Origin: Brooklyn, NY.


What You Should Know: Type O Negative has won over many rock stations along its nine-month assault in support of October Rust, including WMMS/Cleveland, OH. and WRAT/Monmouth, NJ. On their previous effort, Bloody Kisses, the band toured for 18 months, with such rock notables as Nine Inch Nails, Queensrÿche and Mötley Crüe – and Type O shows no signs of letting up. Fresh off the success of “Love You To Death” and “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend,” Type O is ready to unleash its third single from October Rust. With vocals that show the influence of Bauhaus, “In Praise Of Bacchus” is a musical intersection of Black Sabbath and The Beatles, and is multi-layered Goth-rocker that mixes the best elements of its predecessors with a modern flair. Light synthesizer arrangements combine with dark guitars, and a haunting refrain should help to keep Type O at the forefront of Active Rock. ^m^


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