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By: Michael D. Vogel 

© May 31, 1997. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved.  

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The Album Network magazine – May 31, 1997 


Sammy Hagar  

Album: Marching To Mars  

Suggested Tracks: “Little White Lie”; “Amnesty Is Granted”; “Marching To Mars”; “On The Other Hand”; “Both Sides Now”; “Yogi’s So High”; “Salvation On Sand Hill” and “Leaving The Warmth Of The Womb” 

Label: The Track Factory/MCA  

Members: Sammy Hagar – Vocals, Guitar & Bass 

Guest Musicians: Slash, Ronnie Montrose & Roy Rogers – Guitar; Huey Lewis – Harmonica; Bootsy Collins – Bass; Mickey Hart & Giovanni Hildalgo – Percussions; Jesse Harms – Keys 

Producer: Mike Clink 

Origin: Monterey, CA, but Hagar now lives just outside of San Francisco, CA. 


What You Should Know: With “Little White Lie” sitting comfortably at the top the Powercuts Chart, here’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Hagar’s album.  Marching To Mars is a veritable how-to of rock, style, groove, feel and attitude. The influential reference points span almost 11 years. Equal doses of past reflections combined with soul searching and a look to the future compliment each other to great effect. Blending solid guitar jams with high power and a rhythm section that can take what it dishes out, this album really rocks! In simple terms, party music has been revived and given a healthy jump-start! The mix is lean, clean and very modern, with upfront vocals. This is everyman’s rock album, with a lot of cool influences and styles whipped together for an awesome 200 mph, 120-decibel head-butt! ^m^


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