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 By: Michael D. Vogel

© June 6, 1997. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved.  

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The Album Network magazine – June 6, 1997



Song: “You”

From The Release: Hear In The Now Frontier 

Label: EMI 

Members: Geoff Tate – Vocals; Chris DeGarmo – Guitar; Vocals & Keys; Michael Wilton – Guitar; Eddie Jackson – Bass; Scott Rockenfield – Drums

Producer: Peter Collins

Origin: Seattle, WA.


What You Should Know: Has the summer heat already got you down? Are you looking for something to wet your hard-rock appetite? Then Queensrÿche wants you! The dark allure of Queensrÿche’s Hear In The Now Frontier relies as much on razor-sharp musicianship and a gripping combination of melodicism and devastating rhythms as it does on the elusive moodiness that suffused it. The second single from the soon-to-be Gold record resonates with these same forces, only agitated into a heavier, even more ferocious mix that’s full of intriguing twists and turns. If the success that “Sign Of The Times” saw is any indication (a Top 5 record at Rock, Active Rock and Aggro Radio), this track should be smokin’ all summer long! ^m^


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