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By: Michael D. Vogel

© June 13, 1997. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved.  

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The Album Network magazine – June 13, 1997 


Paul Rodgers 

Song: “Soul Of Love”

From The Release: Now

Label: Eaglerock/Velvel 

Members: Paul Rodgers – Vocals; Geoff Whitehorn – Guitar; Jaz Lochrie – Bass; Jimmy Copley – Drums

Producer: Paul Rodgers & Eddie Kramer

Origin: London via Middlesborough, England


What You Should Know: Because beat and melody are more primal than language, the fusion of rock and blues is often capable of communicating deeper truths far better than most articulate philosophical musings. And if the lyrics accompanying the tune manage to capture an emotional essence, so much the better. Paul Rodgers may be packaged in a slightly more sophisticated fashion, as one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in rock history (remember The Firm, Bad Company, The Law and Free), but these same qualities fuel the consistent beauty of his first solo album of new, original material in nearly 11 years. Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated Muddy Waters Blues, Rodgers picks up exactly where he left off, combining warm, blues-rock vocals with introspective lyrics and edgy guitars to make “Soul Of Love” a blistering song that should attain a sort of immortality for those who love passionate and soulful rock & roll. KLOS/Los Angeles, CA. and KQRS/Minneapolis, MN. Lead the pack on this one. ^m^


Song: “Don’t Lose Your Head”

From The Release: Elegantly Wasted 

Label: Mercury 

Members: Michael Hurchence – Vocals; Tim Farriss –Guitar; Andrew Farriss – Keys & Guitar; Kirk Pengilly – Guitar & Sax; Gary Gary Beers – Bass; John Farriss – Drums                          

Producer: Bruce Fairbairn with Andrew Farriss

Origin: Sidney, Australia, though London England is home now


What You Should Know: For INXS, craftsmanship is everything. After much success with the title track (a Top 25 song at Rock Radio), INXS is set to release the second track from Elegantly Wasted, their 10th album and first release for Mercury. “Don’t Lose Your Head” is a marvelous combination of crystalline rhythms – a modern rock listener’s musical utopia. INXS takes you on an ecstatic journey through romance, doubt, rejection, anger and ultimately redemption. The mix of winsome loneliness of soft keyboards into catchy guitar riffs and a strong backbeat will surely inspire even the most vehement “alternative/new” music fanatic. From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, great pop bands have always packed a visceral wallop and INXS is no exception. ^m^


Song: “Goddess Blues”

From The Release: Goddess Blues

Label: Slab/CMC International

Members: Karyn Kuhl – Guitar; Alice Genese – Bass; Tia Sprocket – Drums

Producer: Fred Maher

Origin: New York City, NY

What You Should Know: These days, it is entirely possible to get away with a totally derivative sound if you can wrote killer songs – enter Sexpod. As stated in their press release, the ladies from the big apple are “the ultimate female power trio.” This is evident by their countless dedication to the road. With tracks on ESPN Presents: X-Games Volume 1 and the Escape From LA soundtrack, plus their participation in the Van’s Warped Tour, South By Southwest, F MusicFest and the Home Alive Benefit. Sexpod has already introduced many to their trance inducing, hypnotic boogie. The rhythms that bassist Alice Genese and drummer Tia Sprocket lay out, combined with Karyn Kuhl’s cool Jimi Hendrix-style of guitar playing, show that this is no mere chick band. But make no mistake about it; Sexpod is no blues band either!  ““Goddess Blues” is an edgy and compelling song with clean and powerful guitar hooks that should blow out the doors of any concert venue. ^m^


© June 13, 1997. Michael D. Vogel.  All Rights Reserved.  This originally appeared on the Vogelism blog at, authored by Michael D. Vogel. This article may be shared or reprinted as long as this entire copyright message, including the source location of this article, accompanies it.


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