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7Horse (banner)

7Horse - Let The 7Horse Run (album cover)7Horse  “Low Fuel Drug Run”

From The Release Let The 7Horse Run (Los Gatos/Rent A Label)

What you should know: – 7Horse is the rhythm section of dadaJoie Calio and Phil Leavitt, who show that versatility is the name of the game. The Los Angeles/Seattle duo has an organic, textured sound that instantly makes them stand out from the crowd. The first single from the band’s debut album Let The 7Horse Run is a pounding rocker that merges romping drums with rollicking guitars while conjuring up images of Hunter S. Thompson and bringing a whole new spin to a tale of musical debauchery. Blending the traditional with the visionary, “Low Fuel Drug Run” boasts decidedly folk rock vibes with a super-sized shot of rhythm & blues. With driving verses and not-so-subtle choruses “Low Fuel Drug Run” showcases the vocal harmonies of guitarist Joie Calio and drummer Phil Leavitt, giving the song all the necessary ingredients to be the sleeper hit of the summer.

(7Horse – “Low Fuel Drug Run – 7HorseTheBand)

7Horse (band photo)You may not immediately understand, but you will be instantly hooked. “Low Fuel Drug Run” is a diatribe into the self, laced with intimations of excessive personal hedonism. Full of images of decadence, “Low Fuel Drug Run” takes you on a musical journey, one where you must leave the world behind, becoming completely absorbed within the song itself. The ultimate ego saga, “Low Fuel Drug Run” is all about addressing your own vanity. With so much geared towards immediate satisfaction, the line that separates fantasy from reality are often nothing more than blurred. 7Horse’s “Low Fuel Drug Run” takes those lines and makes them even more unfocused, making the first single from their debut album a fresh and slightly twisted addition to the Alternative/pop music scene. 7Horse is currently out on tour in support of their debut album “Let The 7Horse Run” and winning over crowds up and down the west coast and all throughout the Midwest with their high energy sets.  ^m^

7Horse (banner - album cover & photo)Members: Phil Leavitt – drummer/singer and Joie Calio – guitarist/singer

Producer: Scott Gordon, Gregory Haldan and Jon Chi

Origin: Los Angeles and Seattle


Facebook: /7Horse

Discography: (source: Wikipedia)

– For a comprehensive list, see dada discography

Studio Albums 7Horse



  • A Friend Of Pat Robertson (Digital Download, 2006)

Live Albums

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