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Full Metal Jackie: Certified – The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the 80′s and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics

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By: Michael D. Vogel

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Defining the best of 80′s metal:

So you call yourself a pure rocker – you know the significance of Megadeth’s “Peace Sells”, well that was easy…what about the song who’s riff was developed because of the guitarist inability to mimic the singer; or the song – a description of a tropical storm, that helped re-launch a legendary band with a new singer? Music has always been about illusion and one’s interpretation of the lyrics. It is there that battle lines are drawn between fans that see a song one way or another, let alone where they rank in the hierarchy of metal-dome. Be careful, metal fans are a precarious bunch – referring to a song incorrectly could result in an extra shot to the dome! But, armed with a copy of Jackie Kajzer’s ‘Full Metal Jackie Certified – The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the 80’s and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics in your musical arsenal can only help promote your sonic survival.

Few industries rival the entertainment industry and none more so than those extravagant hard rockers whom unmercifully exploit the trends of popular culture. Back in the forties, music was less amped and more melodic – radio was filled with artists like Frank Sinatra, Lawrence Welk and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. When rock and roll reared its pointed little head in the Fifties, it was only natural that it would grow, blossom and then splinter into its own multi-subgenres. Just as rock and roll was the devil’s music, hard rock and heavy metal became an accessory in Satan’s workshop. Many radio stations and religious figures cried fowl and ultimately banned heavy metal, as extreme influences tried to link it to various youthful indiscretions and juvenile delinquencies. But, as the song goes – “You Can’t Kill Rock & Roll”…

While the rest of the nation was enthralled in the hostage negotiations in Iran, the rising costs of gasoline and Saturday Night Fever, hard rock lovers were gathering in force all around the country, collectively banging their tribal drums – with heavy metal being their way of warding off societies evils.

But not all was as destructive as it may seem. As it often does, the music touched a new generation of fans done with the flower power and disco music of their siblings. Heavy metal was something for teenagers to do that the adults didn’t like nor understand. Maybe it was the loud screaming guitars or maybe it was the piercing vocals – but more importantly it was the vivid imagery that was painted through the potent lyrics of these tunes. Ear-candy not for the faint of heart, heavy metal weaves tales of dragons, sorcerers, far away places and epic battles. In addition rock and roll has always embraced burgeoning sexual fantasies, but heavy metal seemed to push these pipe-dreams, complete with buxom babes, to the extreme. With those ingredients, controversy is never far behind. Whether it is right wing religious groups, political action committees or parental censorship, hard rock has had it fair share of controversy. Yet, heavy metal’s music and lyrics continue to provide the foundation for which the future house of Rock is being continually built on.

Who better to shed light on this subject then the reigning queen of hard rock, Jackie Kajzer (known internationally as Full Metal Jackie) and her first editorial effort, ‘Full Metal Jackie Certified – The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the 80’s and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics.‘ Jackie Kajzer is the developer and host of Full Metal Jackie, a syndicated radio show dedicated to the world of metal music.

Jackie combines her years of radio interviews and personal insights with the true stories, as told by the musicians who wrote the lyrics of the most influential heavy metal songs of the 80′s. If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, learning the inner secrets of some of rocks most famous and notorious songs, straight from the ones who wrote them, then “Full Metal Jackie Certified…” is a must for your music reference library.

Together with co-writer Roger Lotring, the two poured through countless albums, researched numerous radio airplay charts and album sales figures, tempered with the lyrical content of each song, relevant social issues of the time as well as the impact the songs have had on other musicians. And not to be forgotten the all-important question – the continued validity these songs still hold today.

Where were you when Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health” was released? What fond recollection is triggered whenever you hear Lita Ford’s duet with Ozzy on “Close My Eyes Forever”? Whether it’s recounting the story behind Pantera’s anthemic “Cowboys From Hell” or “18 and Life”, Skid Rows metaphor for the changes that affected ‘Snake’ Sabo’s brother after returning home from military service in Vietnam or even the songs of social consciousness from bands like Anthrax, Full Metal Jackie Certified… gives you an inside look into why the songs you love came into being. As you look through the book, you can’t help but tap your feet and sing along as you move from one head-banging great to the next. Not to be overlooked are also the stories behind other greats like, the lyrics to “Eat Me Alive”, a song Rob Halford calls a spoof but was given a #3 ranking on its ‘Filthy Fifteen’ by the PMRC, Ronnie James Dio’s reflections on the self indulgence of humanity in “Holy Diver” and axe-master Kerry King on the religious cynism in Slayer.

Tracing the history of the decade’s biggest and most influential songs, Jackie weaves a musical tapestry with a plethora of war stories by those who lived it. Ranging from the classics all the way up to modern “alternative metal”, Full Metal Jackie Certified… covers them all. From AC/DC to W.A.S.P., Metallica to Motorhead and Megadeth, Rob Halford to Don Dokken and Pantera to Slayer, through the insight revealed to Jackie, you’ll never hear your favorite heavy metal songs the same way again! ^m^

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Full Metal Jackie Certified – The 50 Most Influential Heavy Metal Songs of the 80’s and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics and The True Stories Behind Their Lyrics (Course Technology) was co-written with Roger Lotring, photo’s by renowned photographer Mark Weiss and foreword by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Jackie Kajzer is one of today’s leading voices in metal music. As a developer and host of her own nationally syndicated metal show, Full Metal Jackie, she has hosted in-depths interviews with Ozzy Osbourne, Geoff Tate, Lemmy Kilmister, Dee Snider, Don Dokken and Zakk Wylde among many others. Currently syndicated in more than 22 markets nationwide, Full Metal Jackie continues to be a major influence on today’s metal scene. Additional honors include FMQB’s (national industry trade publication) ‘Metal Host of The Year for the fourth straight year.

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